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You are invited to watch, ask any questions, comment at our LIVE Round Table Q&A Session.

All of our Speakers will be taking questions from the participants and our online audience.

It's a great way to meet your fellow Midlifers, get to know your favorite Speakers, and learn more about the skill sets we each bring to the table.

7 day ACE Method Challenge - Oct 13th

It’s more common to NOT engage, or over engage the superficial muscles than it is to efficiently engage the ‘deep’ muscles. I come across so many women who are only feeling their upper abs burn, or only their legs and never their booty. I’m going to show you why and how to change all of this forever in a 7 day free challenge.

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Liz Mcillece

Franchise Owner Austin Cost Cutters since 1997 Certified Leadership Coach Dr Joe Dispenza's Austin Meditation Group~Leader and Facilitator since 2015

Catherine Dove

Catherine holds multiple certifications that provide knowledge and expertise needed for the online business space: Digital Marketing Strategist, Optimization & Testing, Analytics & Data Specialist, Search Marketing Specialist, Social & Community Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist,

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller is a former LPGA Tour Player who currently competes on The Official Legends Tour of the LPGA. A Class A LPGA Teaching Professional, she has been voted a Top 50 Teacher in the World. Cindy believes the potential is a terrible thing to waste and uses the remarkable story of her killer comeback as a backdrop to unlocking yours. As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional, she is sought after as a speaker, coach, and corporate trainer. She inspires and challenges individuals, teams, and corporations to get, do, and be better. Creator of the Own It Academy, she uses the metaphor of a small box that contains three very important objects which are the steps that need to be taken to Own IT. What is IT? Your Business. Your Sport. Your Life. She is married to PGA Tour Life Member/Past Champion Allen Miller, mother of three children, and three grandchildren. An interesting fact: Cindy & Allen Miller are the only married couple in the world who have competed on all four major tours. The PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour, the PGA TOUR Champions, and The Legends Tour of the LPGA. Their expertise comes from playing the game of golf at the highest levels in the world. Their award-winning coaching and training has taught thousands to get, do, and be better.

Olga Szakal

Olga Szakal is a certified life coach and an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist & optimist dedicated to helping you change your life situation one day at a time

Carol Davies

Carol Davies is a success strategist coach at Passion Motivator Coaching. She helps busy, stressed entrepreneurs discover where they really want to be in life, then find out what excites and motivates them to change and grow with her notable SPIRAL (Success Program Investing in Revitalized Achievement in your Life) program. Among other techniques, Carol uses a mixture of holistic modalities such as life coaching, NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, The Balance Procedure, crystals, and Reiki with her clients. In 2007 Carol returned to Canada after a successful 22-year career with the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

Jahlila Bastian

Jahlila is an inspirational speaker and teacher of self-awareness and inner awakening. As a transformational life coach, lifelong athlete, and health and fitness coach, Jahlila empowers her clients to live the lives they have always desired by empowering them to be the highest and healthiest versions of themselves. She has a passion for helping others build their inner powerhouse of personal balance in all aspects of self, body, mind, and spirit to come into alignment with their true potential and life's purpose. She believes the dreams in our hearts are the reflection of our life's purpose. When you unearth your purpose and start living your purpose on purpose, you will come into alignment with a healthy body, inspired mind of positive possibilities, and inner and outer fulfillment.

Christine Blosdale

Christine is an Intuitive Business and Podcast Coach as well as the author of the 1 Amazon International Bestseller "Your Amazing Itty Bitty Podcast Book: The Top 15 Reasons Why You Need To Tap Into The Power (and Profits) of Podcasting." She is a Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Business Coach who guides her clients with internal wisdom that’s garnered her the nickname “The Idea Coach.”

Lorraine Charles-Hosten

Business Owner, Consultant Pharmacist and Community Pharmacist with 36 years of hands-on experience, CPHRM (Certified Professional Healthcare Risk Manager)

Cat Coluccio

Cat is a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer, and Life Coach, and author of a number of books, including her most popular, "21 Hacks to ROCK your Life!" which is joined by the recently released TEEN Edition. An experienced international speaker - both live and virtually - Cat is passionate about seeing women up-level and thrive in their lives and businesses, establishing her Life of Purpose Academy to provide books, workshops, coaching and programs to support, educate and inspire. Cat is also the founder of the Rocking Midlife™ Community and Podcast and lives by her personal philosophy: “It is never too late to have a new beginning in life!”

Roe Couture DeSaro

Women's Success Coach & Facilitator TEDx Speaker Crusader for the Gutsy Gal Life

Lisa King Rph

Pharmacist of 32 years, Life Coach, Amazon Best Selling Author

Cloë Neophytou

Cloe was a mind-body performance coach for professional athletes and now she works with women who want to strengthen their core, back, pelvic floor, and glutes! Her specialty also is to teach women about the Core repair as it is a huge problem for many women who have abdominal separation due to having babies...and most often is un diagnosed. Cloe loves teaching mindful efficient movement with pilates and mindfulness. One of the objectives of her work is to teach women how to build their strong Core foundations to live life fully with confidence and without back pain.

Liz Ramos

Liz is a Holistic Sleep Coach & Certified Weight Loss Specialist with over 25 years of experience in health and wellness. She has successfully helped family and friends over the years and decided it was time to take her expertise and help midlife women who struggle with sleep and weight loss issues.

Amy Schmidt

The host of the award-winning Fearlessly Facing Fifty Podcast, Author of the best selling book: Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond. TEDx Speaker, International Public Speaker.

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