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How To Be Happy 24/7 Even During The Pandemic

A talk by Olga Szakal
Founder, CEO, MidLife Boss

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Is it possible to feel good all day long? Is it realistic to even wanting to have happiness and peace daily? Is it selfish of me to want to be happy 24/7 when there are so many sadness and anger in the world right now? What if we are supposed to feel good and it is supposed to be our natural state? What if it is our main job or even our life purpose to feel good about life, 24/7...

"The Mid-Life Crisis Awakening: How To Rise Up and Become The Woman You Were Always Meant To Be"

This book based on my True Story will show you how to turn a mid-life crisis like situation into a time period of self-discovery, a chance to gather your strengths, and to rise up to become the woman you were always meant to be. Maybe you feel as if you are hiding from the world. Maybe you feel like you were sleeping through the past few years of your life. Whatever you have gone through, I know, it only made you stronger. It's time to wake up, my dear sister, and get back in the driver's seat. Your #MidLifeBoss Mentor Olga V Szakal

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Olga Szakal

Olga Szakal is a certified life coach and an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist & optimist dedicated to helping you change your life situation one day at a time

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